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The Hack with Learning, Jack!

07.01.2012 08:30

Good for you! You’re the best! Great! BRAVO!

I can’t think of any other ways to praise our TVs! 

I just love them for the great New Year programs they have proposed to us; they filled the TV grid so good with several-years-old shows that I can’t even express my gratitude with words! 

I hoped so much they would air proper entertainment shows at least this year… but this hope was taken away from me too! 

You are all well aware they have such a great experience in taking away hope (Imedi) it was not a big problem for them. 

The taken away Imedi TV, which claims being top-rated now, aired all last year shows except of live broadcast from Marjanishvil Square and „100°C“ New Year show. 

Rustavi 2 had live broadcast too, but from Batumi Piazza (by the way Piazza is a name of squares in Rome and its nearby cities so Batumi Piazza is in fact the same as Tsnori Milan and Marneuli Inter football clubs) where Julio Iglesias sang for Georgian audience. 

Don’t start now saying what else new I wanted for the New Year!  I wish all who think Julio Iglesias is new not to listen and see anything newer than him during this year! 

Well, we can watch Dear 2 for the thirtieth time though. 

I just can’t understand – what difference does it make if it is the New Year, or June 25 if the TV still shows Deal 2? 

They are making fun of Maestro for airing old programs.  People, Maestro aired what it had and what it could!  Furthermore that after the over-the-fence attack Maestro is broadcasting from radio station studio and accordingly has neither the equipment, nor attitude to prepare New Year programs! 

There’s even more:  Maestro is a cable TV channel, its satellite broadcast is off, which means only the customers of one specific cable company in Tbilisi can watch it! 

Nothing can be said about the New Year broadcast of the First Channel – they only showed some circus festivals during whole New Year’s Eve… traditions have not been violated…

I want to get back to Rustavi 2 – you probably remember the well-known jokes about the Irony of Fate movie, which was being shown every New Year first by all Soviet and after all our TV channels. 

Times have changed and we prohibited everything Russian; we tried it so hard that some Georgian has also been accidentally prohibited and now we only have movies with subtitles…

New Year movies have also changed, but the schedule has remained the same – traditionally, every New Year Rustavi 2 shows “What you love the most” (both parts) and Imedi shows – Once upon a time in downtown.” 

Dragon tail Real-TV followed the three-headed dragon of the governmental TV-media and showed more than enough achievements of world circuses. 

Circus itself of course is not bad, but considering that Real-TV mostly airs circus-type reports, it is hard to guess when the New Year broadcast starts…

Real-TV can be excused as it is relatively newer than all the others. 

I just can’t understand whatever happened to the mega-trio. 

They have money, staff and have fear of nothing – still, they do not make any New Year shows. 

Apparently they think they have already created enough masterpieces and now attempt to repeat it often, so we do not forget them! 

They say repeating is the mother of learning! 

The hack with learning, Jack! 

I want new shows! 

And that needs responsibility, hard work and professionalism, which Georgian TV-workers do not have! 

See you later!  







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