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Tamar Karelidze

„Aid“ for Prevention

25.06.2012 10:35
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Once upon a time there was a day President Saakashvili presented a traditional report to the Parliament of Georgia. The report and the debates lasted for over six hours. Sleepless and exhausted MPs started getting inert. In a few days the footage featuring their self-entertainment or drowsiness was disseminated via net.

Similar cases have been in place earlier too. Cameras have even caught the MPs voting for one another. It is not easy to see the connection but after all that filming of the sittings turned out to be restricted in the parliament building in Kutaisi. Journalists will be delivered footage through common signal. According to the representatives of the legislative body the surveillance cameras will be on through several angles that will enable televisions to have good footage.

Journalists are yet enjoying the possibility of filming governmental sittings. Few minutes prior to its beginning cameramen are granted entry into the hall. After obtaining comments from Nika Gilauri and taking some shots of the sitting they get back out.   

According to some reports released fee days ago during President’s visits to regions his administration decides where to be granted the journalists a right to film and where not. The administration representatives say the footage will be filmed by the President’s camera and afterwards delivered to the TV companies.

This statement made some journalists happy. It’s truly hard to haunt President and fight for the microphone to be visible in a horrible crowd. Let alone physical fatigue the responsibility is high too – President’s visit is the one to be covered. And now the producer will solve the footage issue through just one call.

Of course, there is nothing better than good footage but I doubt they care about easing journalists’ wok. I don’t think the cameras installed in the new parliament building will be filing and afterwards delivering footage to the journalists to an MP voting for another or entertaining themselves with mobile phones during some boring sittings.

When providing coverage of most of governmental news journalists’ role is reduced to minimum and cameramen too will be facing similar fate in the nearest future: Someone at the Chancellery too will ultimately suss out that it’s better to have one camera, instead of 15, wandering in the hall and provide us with the footage smilingly.

To me personally, under the circumstances, it’s incomprehensible what’s the use of journalistic covering of government-related issues?! Somehow I think all that is censorship wrapped in collegial good wishes. Even though 45, 235 employees of the presidential administration keep control over the footage during President’s visits there are some things a journalist can detect without a camera, without observing a special radius. 

Since the issues of the kind are now within the agenda this is to say there are some reasons and caring about journalists is thought to be one of the last of them. Let alone all the rest, taking into current situation account, Georgian journalism is anyway a big copy-paste and there is no need for supplying identical materials.







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