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Lasha Kavtaradze

Must carry instead of Antennas

03.07.2012 13:03

Thus, the Parliament had a mercy upon whole Georgian nation in the form of Must Carry. Now, our citizens are able to wait calmly for the official pre-announcement period, thereafter to get down to TV remote controls and search for "TV 9".

Why the very "TV 9" and not say "Maestro" or "Caucasia"? Because the appearance of this television made the several cable operators (such as the journals, which are “sold to us as if” New Media Management, owned by the Security Council’s wife) lose the sense of adequacy, followed by "Rustavi 2" - and "Imedi TV" "The Union of Fighters Without-Antennas", the few mediaparazits under the branch of Ministry of Internal Affairs, Tavkhelidzes, and at last ‘Botso’ and the majority of ‘Botsos’. However, other non-governmental channels always had distribution problems. But no one ever thought of making cable operators of something in charge.

Before Must Carry, to say in short, the government did not repeat the error with "Imedi TV" and cut "TV 9" from reaching the audience by auxiliary and indirect ways. The TV channel being in not really hidden relationship with "The Georgian Dream", managed frequency distribution by means of bypass ways, but no matter how hard it tried and where it ran, got knocked down. At last they sequestered the satellite antennas of the cable company "Global TV" – given to people "almost" as a gift and cut other ways of distribution as done by the Georgian National Communications Commission that is far more political than "Asaval-Dasavali" (which, I strongly believe that it is the "Monsters Corporation" backported in Georgian reality).

Facebook’s fussy community for two days in the name of solidarity turned into being antennas. Natia Lazashvili rehearsed being the TV host in extreme conditions, and the police remembered the past and satisfied their passion of seizing. Eka Zghuladze (Interior Minister) delivered an exciting speech on democracy, justice, justice, equality, equity; however, she managed to avoid democracy, justice and equality. Soon after from TV Imedi that is in ownership of her former teammate (Arveladze), the Speaker of Georgian Parliament had once again notified us how tirelessly they do their best to defend the creation of a pluralistic media environment and promised to people that they would be given the Must Carry-60day voucher pre-elections.

Must carry’s first initiators (public sector), first got amazed and then got de-amazed and the consultations with MPs started for granting 80 days instead of 60 days based on a good will. Consultations took place, ideas were shared by Botso and Paliko, the term is intact for unknown reasons.

However, if a few days ago, and not just the media-expert, to make antennas free they started preparing for the crusade, but the Must carry calmed everyone down. Nobody remembered of neither antennas or of Global TV" the martyr.  

When approving the Must Carry, David Bakradze reproached us for this "concession" and got terribly saddened by the fact that the government is forced to interfere in private companies. So, Mr. David, this is what made TV 9 you to do; the government's interference in the private sector inGeorgiais an unprecedented thing. Especially, who ever and where did ever saw the government interfering in media, and the media depending on a government?!

Before approving the bill Ako Minashvili discussed this topic and said, they have a way of getting information to people even without this law – “You can turn on TV if you do not believe me” – he said. I turned and watched how it goes, one of the contents of news programs on three channels to watch the stories Anaklia on Lazika on Lazika on Lazika and more Lazika, new hospitals, the dead neighbor's blood pool, about a "bad man" who came from the “North”, Nodar Meladze’s talk shows, soap operas Juan and etc. What else do you want? What additional information do you want to get from TV?

In short, the antennas were sequestered, and TV 9’s reaching to people got even more complicated, as well as the audience reaching to TV 9, the 60-day Must carry was approved, Botso and Botsos image got "Noblized", the international community also saw that the "huge" compromise had been made by the government, i.e. they behave well. The voter is given a different opinion, listen to only 2 months. They just do not want to overload viewers with information and think that we should still get back to “Native” Must Ignore from the 60-days Must Carry.







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