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Tamar Karelidze

Astounding Persecution

03.08.2012 16:48

Can’t remember a person around me that haven’t made a mock of his/her peer or asked some irritating questions. Everyone has been in the role of “a victim” or “assailant.” I would daresay irritating others gave us great pleasure and no one enjoyed being a victim, and at this time biological instinct of self-defense woke up.

With age a human brain is trying to defeat instinct. Getting more earnest and civilized, at least shaking fists to a minimum. But age cannot change many: childish habits grow into complex that is being demonstrated every now and then.

With this lengthy preface I am trying to explain the behavior and motivation of those running with mics, declaring themselves to be journalists and the only goal of their work is interference into colleagues’ activities. The way of behavior of camera-mic-equipped humans, that are recently mushrooming into unknown, made me think that they are trying to overcome the complexes accompanying them since childhood.

I don’t know how to evaluate whatever is going on around us: According to the footage these individuals go filming in order not to let others work. And they do it with so much cynicism and self-confidence that I believe they think they have discovered yet unknown effective way to intrigue people, the way that is going to change modern journalism.

“Have you got a husband? Who will marry you? I have heard you don’t even have secondary education: who was Jack London? Answer the question, you are a journalist, aren’t you?!- empty-eyed journalist keep asking their colleagues at target. Unlike humans they do not get tired, or bored, neither their tone changes.

These people have got ID badges on (e.g. KKinfo, MediaGroup) but their names and the organizations they are working for are unknown to many. The footage too they are filming with several cameras “when on duty” is unknown. Moreover, they look so similar and have got such weird expressions on their faces that it is hard to find out something according to their appearance.

“We are independent journalists,” that’s they way they identify themselves to their “victims.” But I think an independent journalist enjoys no such luxury in his/he activities: s/he is working  to obtain interesting and important topics. And the equipments they are carrying looks a little bit expensive for an independent journalist.

Lately, almost on a daily basis, the footage for “astounding persecution” is being released. At the very first sight it gets clear what the “journalists” wearing caps, sunglasses and similar T-shirts are trying to achieve. I keep watching this material and every time the very first suspicion gets stronger:

Either the chefs of these “independent journalists” and screen writers are short of creativity and foresight or deliberately take care of the rating of the objects of persecution and self discredit. Through these videos INFO 9 and its journalists have evidently gained popularity faster than the publication of any exclusive material would do to them.

When watching the footage featuring absolutely astonishing persecution it is hard to help overcome the feeling of double protest. Firstly because journalists are being persecuted absolutely groundlessly, through the violation of ethics and ethical norms and secondly it all makes you feel sympathy for the “victim” even when being absolutely neutral to his/her activities, and neither wishing to change your stance.

Under the circumstances a person feels especially offended.  

I don’t know how about you but I, after seeing every new video, feel like seizing their mics, dashig around regions and getting involved in this very “astounding persecution.” Otherwise I can’t get sure that these ”independent journalists” are not the miracles of video editing or technologies but tangible humans. Humans with empty senseless looks who, in addition to Jack London, Watergate and method of deduction, know the personal data and biography of their victims, more than better for journalists.







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