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Tamar Karelidze

Does the order of addends change the sum in Media?

05.10.2012 14:15
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Even though we have been daily preached this mathematical rule at school we have been arguing throughout our lives whether the order of addends changes the sum. We argue over everything: favorite cup, relationship with neighbors, policy makers, invaders, and even media. 

With the democratic (more or less) elections held in Georgia and journalists equally trolled by the authorities as well as opposition in an uncustomary manner (I mean rallies in Tbilisi which were expected but never held) a transitive process started. We find ourselves in this kind of situation for the first time and imaginary or genuine peace feels so awkward that some of us automatically believed rumors about getting back to the 1990s.

After the announcement of the outcome of the elections numerous cases of robbery and looting were identified. However surprising that might sound the information over the occurrences happen to appear on the TV channels that would hardly say a word a week ago. And the TV channels who used to thoroughly report on the incidents deliver superficial news if any.

Yes, democratic process in our reality looks very weird and naturally it takes time to the society as well as media to transform. I think it’s a right time now to keep an eye on Georgian channels and observe the change of positions, “pro” changing into “oppo” and vice versa.

When watching news programs I have an impression that one party perfectly assumed the role of the oppressed and another one – revenger, but some of the latter are trying to pretend.

Even though the new government is promising free media the meeting between the Georgian Dream and Presidents consultative teams held today at the Chancellery was available for filming, along with the public broadcaster, TV 9, the TV company owned by the spouse of the GD leader Bidzina Ivanishvili. Moreover, we see former ministers procuring the shares of big TV companies at very low prices (it’s strange but Davit Kezerashvili paid much less for 40% of Rustavi 2 shares than 10% of one of the regional TV companies.  I mean TV 9 having procured 10 % of Trialeti TV shares at USD1 mln), we know who is funding the rest of the TV companies and under the circumstances I wonder what independent media we are talking about.                                                                 

Reasoning from the past few days the possibility to have access to unbiased information, like with the previous government, is minimal. Intentionally or unintentionally both parties serve different political interest and I think, with time, informational confrontation will get more fragile and aggressive.

Virtually it’s still good. Even though we still need to watch several news programs to get how reality looks but at least now the TV air will get more spectacular and dynamic. And in the information war the parties, in anger to one another, will show us a bit of truth. So the only thing viewers can do is to get popcorn in stock and watch.

P.S. In my post I wanted say a few words about the Georgian Public Broadcasting but due the GPB coverage of the recent period has been so embarrassing, biased, and hysteric that I felt ashamed of myself for paying it to exist.

P.P.S. Unfortunately, the rules of a very precise science applies to almost everything. And disputes over axioms makes no sense. It’s evident that the order of addends does not change the sum, if you don’t believe we can place a bet.







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