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The Most Portable iPad

06.11.2012 11:49
iPad Mini (photo: )

Every iPad user has had a moment when wanting to take out the device in a public transport and has changed mind due to its size, or hands had gone tired when reading in a park. 

iPad has been created to be a powerful, but at the same time portable device, although due to its size and weight it has not been comfortable enough for those who prefer portability. 

Apple considered its customers’ wishes and developed a new tablet computer iPad Mini, which is smaller, although far more comfortable and powerful than any other 7-inch tablet. 

iPad Mini display is in fact not 7, but 7.9 inches which means it is one inch larger than other “mini tablets” and only two inches smaller than the standard iPad.  The given display is specially designed to be small but give us the same quality image as the regular iPad – that is why the resolution of iPad 2 and iPad Mini are the same (1024x768).

In order for the new product to be smaller, but to have big display the new design has been developed for Mini. Display has been enlarged by narrowing side frames which means the whole devise is a display.  The tablet has aluminum and glass case, which is now a lot thinner also. 

iPad Mini is just as powerful as iPad 2 – both have Intel-core A5 chips inside.  Of course there already are a lot new models, but A5 really is fast enough too. 

Mini has the better camera also - 5 megapixel iSight Camera, allowing 1080p HD video recording and the front camera also has the HD quality too. 

Apple changed the standard connector with lightning connector; iPhone 5 has the same small connector. 

iPad Mini also has the LTE Internet option, which is a great comfort for Americans and Europeans, but does not mean anything for Georgians, as in Georgia it will not be possible to use the given service for a long time (LTE is one of the most powerful wireless Internet-services for today.) 

It is very good that Mini has virtual assistant Siri; you can also use all iPad applications and greatly works at IOS 6. 

The only feature that does not make iPad Mini a perfect devise is that it does not have the Retina display (the highest quality display.)  This means iPad Mini does not have the same resolution as iPad 5.  Apple probably intentionally did this due to commercial reasons and we can expect a lot better quality display for the next model. 

iPad Mini - 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB WIFI versions are already on the market and their prices are -  USD 329, 429 529 respectively.  In the nearest two weeks on the market will appear the same size WIFI + CELLURAL, nano-SIM-card versions and the prices will be USD 459, 559 and 659 respectively. 

Entrance of iPad Mini to Georgian market is expected in mid-November.  It is quite likely that at first they will put inadequate price on it, so remain informed and do not be hasty! 


P.S.  iPhone Plus store will start selling iPad Mini 7 November and the price of 16 GB model will be GEL 895.  







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