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Tamar Karelidze

Five-Year Belated TV Air

08.11.2012 19:21

TV company Imedi was handed back to old owners few weeks ago. The launch of reorganization has been announced, news production has been suspended… journalists have been dismissed….

Probably we all agree that Imedi and politics are closely intertwined. On November 7, 2007 the channel was closed down for publicly avowed developments and seized from owners. Afterwards the second phase of its existence starts: with simulated Kronika, inadequate news programs, soap operas, tasteless shows. Being back to previous owners Old Imedi, together with old faces, was on air on the night of November 7, 2012.

There are issues everyone has got questions about. There are cases we are given no possibility to talk over or simple avoid to. But time comes when there is a necessity to provide answers and we, after such a long-lasting silence, keep recollecting old good times in the justification mode.

Under the circumstances special attention is needed in regard to the topics with the related emotions forgotten. We should keep in mind though that along with recalling emotions the topic needs to be seen from a different angle. Ultimately five years is enough to have case-related theory developed at least within oneself.

Imedi got back on air with the program Open Air. Broadcasts were resumed wherever it had stopped. But simultaneous live air on three TV channels was more like a pathetic commemoration for eternal peace than the program offering dissenting vision.

Watching the program I had an impression that we went five years back. The topic is old and painful. But instead of obituary the program could have offered viewers a thorough analysis of the topic, instead of making the society watch the reality show featuring the individuals sitting in the circle regretfully telling their stories?!

I can’t think of any other word but double standards in relation to journalists’ reporting, pathos or “confession” we witnessed yesterday. They were talking about common values they were defending on November 7, principles being above all to them, the developments though showed that their greater majority were soon forgotten: some of them transferred to the competitor channel, some hid themselves behind entertainment and cultural topics, some moved to public service, some maintained their positions having painlessly put up with new ideology.

These people were sitting recollecting past. With a five-year delay they were speaking about offence and humiliation of their dignity and rights. No reason to blame them: in 2007 they had no time to talk over injustice – they were seeking for the aforementioned jobs.

Yesterday’s Open Air was a good example of Georgian character. We witnessed journalists’ speedy and painless ability to transform, suspiciously swiftly assured of objectivity of the Prosecutor’s Office, in the self-justification mode and so on and so forth. Unfortunately double standards are considered as a fundamental problem at our side. It is not embarrassing if you move from journalism to politics and vice versa. It is not discomforting either if after publicly speaking out loud about internal office developments some are recognized as heroes and welcome for any other job and, no problem with getting back if needed.

No problem but there are arguments instead. I am surprised at those people saying that it does not matter wherever you work, doing work is ssential. Employees are shocking me too, with employing the individuals of the kind. I don’t understand if they can be reliable in work and interrelation.

Seeing a journalist in an old new air producing a program on public-social topic at the public broadcaster, publishing a magazine covering former governmental elite show biz news and after the government’s change starts talking over political pressure at the public talk show and now re-appears on Imedi kinda arouses feeling of suspicion to say the least. The principle of justice does not imply dismissal of old journalists that have been making miracle for the past five years but the revision of such cases. Selective justice is a wrong approach.

Getting back to the program, it is deplorable that whatever we ultimately got was emotionless program, saying nothing new, unveiling no interesting details, no certain questions posed.

P.S. Few words about Imedi – after its regain by old owners. Along with an old logo old TVs series and programs have been brought back. Watching this channel I have a feeling we are going back. New Imedi (hope) is to say something new and it would be no good if they keep sticking to old TV series and musical talk shows like Georgian football fans do, proudly recollecting Tbilisi Dinamo having won European Cup Winners' Cup in 1981, to prove Georgian football is genial.







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