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The most practical e-Reader

28.12.2012 10:58
kindle 4 (photo: )

Reading books has never been as simple as it is today.  With eReader you can buy hundreds of books and keep them all in one pocket.  eReader is equipped with electronic ink display which does not have radiation and has an effect of regular, printed paper. 

Today there already are eReaders of several brands which propose better service and quality; our only problem is to make the right choice. 

One of the cheapest and quality readers is Kindle 4, which costs only USD 69 (if you pay additional USD 20 you can avoid advertisement banners that appear when switching off the reader.) 

The given model is produced in two colors (grey and black,) its memory is 2 GB and can save hundreds of books.  Kindle is about regular pencil thick and I can tell you by my own experience that it is so light and small that I carry it almost every day in my jeans back pocket.  It has six-inch display, which some think is too small, but it is really big enough for comfortable reading. 

Fully charged the battery works for over a month and in case you read all the books with WiFi you can download new bestsellers for USD .99 to 9.99 in sixty seconds, or any classic masterpiece for free. 

You can simply and for free download Georgian books to Kindle; .pdf files can be converted into MOBILE format and with a USB cable you can download it to the device. 

Georgian users of Kindle often fear they will not be able to read books in Georgia, but I personally read Georgian books in Kindle and considering the fact that you can copy Georgian books absolutely free, it is really the best on our market. 

For USD 119 you can purchase Kindle Paper White, with sensor display, backlight and improved battery. Display quality is also better, text can be seen far more clearly (especially when backlight is on) and it is very comfortable for night reading.  The given eReader does not have radiation either as light flow is directed to text and not reader’s eyes.  I personally purchased a separate accessory for night reading:  Kandle for Kindle for USD 20 and it is quite normal. 

I would not recommend buying kindle in Georgia due to two reasons:  one is that they sometimes sell Russian-made kindles, which has defects and second is that the price is a lot expensive here.  Of course it is better buy eReader from an Internet-store, which is the creator and producer of kindle.  







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