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1. High Council of Justice Announces Annual Contest Judge’s Golden Gavel for Journalists

High Council of Justice of Georgia Announces first contest in the field of media and art

Award 2012 – Judge’s Golden Gavel

Description and goal of the award

The goal of the annual Golden Gavel contest announced by the High Council of Justice of Georgia is to assess the coverage of Georgian courts’ activities by the individuals working in the field of media and art. Excellence will be recognized in five different categories including print and broadcasting media, plastic or performing arts. The award will honor media and art representatives’ efforts in terms of covering judiciary and judges through reasonable, timely, accurate and analytical approach that will be concurrently conducive to raising public awareness.

Contest Timeframe

10 April: Opening of the contest

30 June: Application deadline

July-September: Examination of applications by the Committee

October: Final decision

November: Publication of collection

December: Awards ceremony


The contest material submitted by applicants should have been broadcast, published or performed within the period of January 1 – June 30, 2012. The contest material in the Word format shall be attached with the publication certificate or video material. The broadcasting to performing work shall include video or audio record and written transcript. The material shall be submitted to one of the five categories. One prize will be awarded in each category. Interested individuals are eligible to take part in more than one category including: print media, TV, radio, blog, plastic or performing arts.


- One representative or member of the High Council of Justice (contest committee chairman)

- One judge

- One lawyer

- One media pundit

- One representative of USAID-funded Judicial Independence and Legal Empowerment Project (JILEP)

Evaluation criteria

Making final decision the jury will be guided by general criteria given below. For detailed information please, view the questions in the list of criteria.

       1. Quality of script or audio-video material;

       2. Analysis of judiciary-related issue;

       3. Novelty and importance of a particular topic.

List of criteria

Contest applicants shall follow 10 questions given below. The mentioned questions might be equally related to media and art works from different angle. The winner shall mostly match the requirements.

              - Was the volume of the contest material enough to fully cover the topic to be studied?

              - Did the contest material include several different opinions to explain a complex issue?

              - Were enough sources discussed to provide complete and multilateral proof and substantiate the studied issue?

              - Was the topic important enough or did it contain novelty, and how deep and thorough has it been compared with previous and current topics?

              - Did the work cite expert sources?

              - Did the author use statistic analysis to substantiate its work?

              - Did the author’s recommendations imply activities and reforms aimed at improving the situation?

              - Does the work demonstrate that the author made efforts to describe the role(s) of judiciary or its member subjects in his/her article/story/product?

              - Did the contest participant provide enough substantiation that his/her work was available to wider society?

              - Was the contest material performed in high professional manner?

The submissions including a cover letter should be E-mailed to no later than 17:00 hrs, June 30, 2012.

The winners will be announced in December at the Golden Gavel awards ceremony.







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