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Internews Georgia is announcing an opening for the position of Youth Media Camp Trainer

Formed in 1997, Internews Georgia is a local non-profit non-governmental organization based in Georgia whose mission is to improve access to information for people by fostering independent media and promoting open communication policies in the public interest. Internews Georgia’s informational and educational video-audio programming, theoretical and hands-on training, and innovative use of new technology empower general audience and media professionals to actively participate in the political and social decision-making and affect positive change.

Position Title: Youth Media Camp Trainer
Employment status: Service Agreement

Assignment period:  September, 2013

Purpose of the position:
The Youth Crossroads project aims to contribute to building trust and friendship among Abkhaz, Ossetian and Georgian youth (18 -25) through joint media training and continued engagement and dialogue via production and internet-based media exchange.  The 8-day long media camp will provide the 15 participants with the opportunity to gain technical skills in media and establish the framework for a regional web project, while learning side-by-side in a multi-ethnic team with other youth from Sukhumi, Tskhinvali, and Tbilisi. 

Major Responsibilities:  

- Design the training methodology for the Youth Media Camp trainings, raising the capacity of youth’s technical skills related to media content production;

- Provide the detailed training curriculum and agenda to the project management team;

- Conduct and lead the training for 15 participants (aged 18-25) from Georgia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia;

- Use interactive methodology and encourage active participation and motivation during the learning process;

- Deliver the trainings and provide the training materials in Russian language;

 Required qualifications:

- Academic degree and/or work experience in media management;

- Experience in media content production;

- Expertise and experience in developing training curricula, training modules and manuals;

- Expertise and experience in teaching and conducting trainings with youth on media topics;

- Excellent communication, and interpersonal skills;

- Excellent presentation skills in Russian language;

- Desire to learn from and work with youth from different ethnic backgrounds;

- Good understanding of local context and ability to work in multi-cultural environment;

- Fluency in Russian language, written and verbal;

- Computer literacy (excel, word, PowerPoint) and word processing skills;

For more details regarding the given assignment please refer to the attached Terms of Reference.

If you meet the requirements, please send a detailed CV in English or Russian (please ensure that you indicate the position title in the subject line and that CV includes names and contact details of 3 referees) to:

Application deadline: June 4, 2013 07:00 PM









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