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Journalism-Seminar for young Journalists

from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia Berlin, 27. July to 04. August 2013 The role of Civil Society for the development of the state – is the Civil Society Forum of the EU Eastern Partnership of help? (this seminar will be in English language)

Within its Eastern Partnership the European Union has created the possibility for a Civil Society Forum, comprised of NGO activists of the 6 countries and from EU countries. This step acknowledges that the importance of civil society has not only become larger, but that also decision makers in the EU have recognized this.

What is the role of civil society within the process of a changing society, within the transformation? How can the non-governmental sector help to solve problems, where the governments maybe are stuck? Is transnational cooperation between civil-societies important? Which role can the Civil Society Forum of the EU Eastern Partnership play here?

These and further questions shall be addressed and discussed during about half of this seminar. The other half will be comprised of sound journalistic input: about press and journalism in Germany, journalistic styles, ethics in journalism and further subjects. While in Berlin, during the seminar, the participants are expected to complete an article covering a topic within the general field of this seminar.

Further information:

The trip to Berlin takes place individually or in groups from the respective countries. The type of transportation (plane, train, bus) is agreed between participants and organizers.

- Accommodation in Berlin will be in 2-bed-rooms.

- The seminar covers the costs for the arrival and departure, traffic in Berlin, bed and breakfast, and most meals.

- Participants should expect expenses for the other meals of not more than 50 Euros.

Requirements for participation:

- Working as a journalist in newspaper, agency or online.

- Good knowledge of the English language (enabling active participation in discussions)

- Knowledge of German and / or Russian is an advantage


Interested applicants please send their documents (in English Russian or German language):

- a current resume (including their knowledge of languages)

- a letter of motivation for participation in the seminar not longer than one page (including mail addresses of two reference persons from the field of journalism).

Please let us know if you have a valid visa for the relevant period. This is for organizational purposes only and is not relevant for the success of the application. Please send only these two documents; either in word or pdf. Please name the files as follows: (lastName.CV< ; lastName.motivation

Applications not later than 10.06.2013 to: (also any questions)

Organized by: taz-Panterstiftung, MitOst e.V., Barbara Oertel (taz), Peter Liesegang (off-rabbit transitions)







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