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Georgian Media Partnership Program (GMPP) Participant Selection Competition

communication with IREX and be a driving force in the partnership with U.S. station to ensure tangible progress.

Based on all of the above, this year’s competition is open to Georgian TV stations which satisfy all of the following selection criteria:

Hold a valid official license for general broadcasting
Have an operational website and social media page(s)
Produce a news program
Have sufficient resources for adequately managing online resources and ability to carry out responsibilities assumed within the framework of the partnership


Have independent and balanced editorial policy Employ a team which adheres to fundamental journalistic standards such as providing precise, fair and responsible coverage

Truly willing to learn American broadcasting standards and demonstrating solid commitment to introduce innovative approaches and new practices into their daily operations

Demonstrate genuine readiness to work very closely with the GMPP program by ensuring availability and pro-active engagement of its key staff in all program activities, submission of written reports, verbal debriefings, and provision of regular feedback to document achieved progress.

Substantiate readiness to develop and maintain a lasting relationship with the U.S. partner station

Have a competitive standing in their media market

Regularly update online resources with their own multimedia content

Broadcast for a wide or priority audience (production of investigative stories or programming on gender, minority rights, rule of law, civil society and/or democratic processes, is a plus)

Willing to share gained experiences and knowledge with their co-workers and other colleagues.

If your TV outlet meets all of the above requirements and is interested in this competition, please complete the GMPP Application Forms provided below, by closely following the instructions. Application forms are also available for download on IREX Georgia website

Please note that knowledge of the English language is not required for participation in the GMPP program. Interpretation and translation services will be provided both in Georgia and in the United States.


Fully filled in Application Forms (both in Georgian and English) together with all required supporting documents – hard copies as well as electronic files written on a CD or a USB drive – must be delivered no later than Monday, December 28, 2015, at 4 p.m. to the IREX office in Tbilisi at 6 K. Marjanishvili St., 2nd floor (so called “Green Office building”, next to Marjanishvili drama theatre). Incomplete applications, or applications delivered later than the due date and time will not be considered.  Please be sure to keep a copy of your completed application for your own records as submitted applications will not be returned.


Representatives of IREX and Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy will conduct an Open Door Day to discuss the program in more detail and walk attendees through the application process on Tuesday, December 8, at 12 p.m. in the IREX office.

Broadcasters interested in applying for participation in GMPP are strongly encouraged to attend. Those willing to attend the Open Door Day must e-mail the name(s) of person(s) coming to the event on behalf of the station in advance to

With additional questions please e-mail: or contact GMPP staff during working hours via land line +(99532) 291 26 08 / ext. 122 or 123 (except December 11-21).


A specially convened selection panel, comprising American and Georgian media experts, will review solicited applications. Selection will take place in January 2016. Winners will be announced in January-February. Afterwards, IREX will sign Memorandums of Understanding with the chosen outlets and conduct a detailed on-site needs assessment. Subsequent report will be provided to the program donor and the U.S. partner station. The stations will get connected online before the partnership visits commence.


Georgian Media Partnership Program (GMPP) is funded by the U.S. Embassy in Georgia through the Public Affairs Section and has been implemented by IREX. Since 2010, the program has worked with 9 Georgian TV stations (Channel 25 in Batumi, Gurjaani TV, Guria TV, Borjomi TV, Ninth Wave in Poti, Kvemo Kartli TV, Public Broadcaster’s Ajara TV, Georgian Association of Regional Broadcasters and Rustavi 2) and 2 radios (Radio Old City in Kutaisi and Radio Hereti).

To date, GMPP program has implemented 39 two-way professional exchange visits with 80 Georgian and 30 American representatives of the participant TV and radio stations. American partner stations operate in the states of Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Ohio, Missouri and Alaska.

For Georgian participant stations these partnerships have resulted in streamlined management,  improved human resource practices and journalistic skills, diversified broadcasting net, better production and presentation of existing programming – including news, increased involvement in the local community through public events, more effective use of multimedia online platforms, better marketing and promotion, modernized online presence and website development, increased sales and sponsorships, diversified revenue sources, and advice received in preparation for successful switchover to digital broadcasting.

The Goal of GMPP is to support the development of the Georgian media by forming professional partnerships with U.S. outlets. The program has 3 objectives:

To form close, collegial, and lasting relationships Georgian and U.S. media outlets resulting in improved professional skill-set and practices among Georgian partners.

To help Georgian partners engage in peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.

To help Georgian and American participants gain a better understanding of each other’s culture, society and values.

The program is tailored to Georgian participants needs. They are expected to benefit from partnership visits and working with their U.S. partner, ultimately bolstering sustainability of independent media in Georgia.


IREX is an international nonprofit organization providing thought leadership and innovative programs to promote positive lasting change globally. 

Founded in 1968, IREX has an annual portfolio of over $70 million and a staff of over 400 professionals worldwide. IREX employs field-tested methods and innovative uses of technologies to develop practical and locally-driven solutions with our partners in more than 120 countries. IREX has been working in Georgia since 1994.









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