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Industry Committee for Regional Media: Call for Expression of Interest

Industry Committee for Regional Media: Call for Expression of Interest For the purchase of the service of evaluation of the local audience’s TV watchability in the areas of coverage of regional broadcasters

1.  Introduction

Access by the audience to all Georgian media products, except to the regional TV broadcasters, is countable by the different mechanisms: with donors’ support, radio ratings have been counted for three years already; online technologies and free internet resources allow to observe the behavior of online media audience; owners of printed media are aware of the size of their circulation and areas of distribution; and for national TV broadcasters, counting is implemented by two “counter” companies: TV MR Georgia and Tri-media Intelligence. Survey panel of both companies includes only big cities: Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Batumi, Rustavi, Gori, and Zugdidi. Their survey panel doesn’t cover small towns. Moreover it doesn’t include some of the regions - Kakheti, Kvemo Kartli, Shida Kartli, etc.

Rating has been established as “a unified global currency” on the advertising market. Media advertising planners and buyers assess offered alternative programs, so as to achieve their advertising goals in the best possible way, while broadcasters assess popularity of the show or the station, as well as the value of advertisement during the show or on the channel. There is no other mechanism of developing media business. Being aware of the behavior of audience is also important during analyzing socio-political events and planning.

Regional televisions, number of which is up to 30, are completely excluded from the value chain of media market, what on the one hand hinders development of locally functioning televisions, and on the other hand, both local and international advertisers acting in Georgian market get no opportunity to purchase advertisement service from regional televisions and thus develop the business.

2.   Data of local broadcasters

Local broadcasters act beyond Tbilisi, in 8 regions of Georgia. For their coverage map, see the link:

 PDF version

3.   Principal requirements

Candidates should submit their application in accordance to the following items:


  • Value of representation (by municipal areas of Georgia):


  • Applicable technology:


  • Service starting date:            


  • Phases of preliminary stage:


  • Start of operation:


  • Period


  • Minimum number of audience measuring devices by indicated broadcasting area:


  • Cost:   


  • Other:                                            

4. Intentions of the Industry Committee

Industry Committee ensures full engagement of its board members in the selection of proposals, Q&A regarding submitted document, and providing all the necessary information.

Industrial Committee member organizations express their willingness and interest to purchase services obtained after evaluation.

5.   Requirements for expression of interest

Candidates are obliged to submit the following information and documents together with the written expression of interest (which should be drawn up in line with the requirements):

1) Formal name and address;

2) Postal address;

3) Duly certified extract from the register of entrepreneurs/registration certificate of the legal person (also any documents regarding founding of the company and/or change of its name);

4) Duly certified copies of the statute of the legal person;

5) Company overview;

6) Description of experience confirming the ability of candidate or its subcontractors to meet criteria defined by the annex of this document;

7)  Duly certified list of the partners who own more than 5% of candidate’s shares, including information about the ultimate beneficiary owner;

9)   Information about any court or arbitral proceedings where any member company of the candidate’s corporate group (as defined in the previous clause) participated during the last 5 years;

10) If the candidate is a consortium, the list of consortium members and all abovementioned documents/information about each member.

In case if a candidate fails to submit abovementioned information together with the expression of interest, or submit the incomplete information, the proposal will not be reviewed. Expression of interest should be submitted in Georgian and/or English language.

6.   Definitions and additional information

Candidates can submit applications requesting definitions on the e-mail addresses below, no later than 5th July, 2016. Answers to the applications requesting definitions, which will be submitted before the mentioned date, will be made available for everyone by the committee.

7.   Submission of expression of interest

Expression of interest should be submitted as printed and signed original copy and an electronic copy (PDF), which should be enveloped and handed at the address: 11 Leonidze street, Tbilisi, GARB’s office, or sent to the e-mail addresses: (application should be sent to all three e-mail addresses). Please, indicate “Industry Committee” in the subject line.

8.   Selection of candidates and terms

After the submission of expression of interest, shortlist of the candidates will be selected by the board of Industry Committee and the competition commission comprised of the members duly invited by them.

Shortlisted candidates will receive a request regarding complete project-related technical and commercial proposals, including design, building of the network, operation, and funding.

Shortlist criteria are defined in the Annex 1.

9.  Waiver

Under this call, Industry Committee does not assume obligation to select any candidate, or reimburse any expenses for any candidate. Submission of documents does not authorize a candidate to demand anything from the Industry Committee because of the fact that the company or consortium responded the request on submission of proposal.

All the expenses made in response to the call for expression of interest, as well as any further request for the information, will be the part of candidate’s expenses.

10. Authority of the Industry Committee

Industry Committee is authorized to:

•           Deny or change terms and conditions of the call for expression of interest (including shortlist criteria);

•           Demand further details or additional documentation related to the application submitted by the candidate;

•           Disqualify any candidate whose expression of interest doesn’t meet the instructions defined under this call;

•           Disqualify any candidate who distorts actual facts in their expression of interest;

•           Revoke this call for expression of interest, or re-invite candidates on the same or different basis;

•           Do not sign an agreement after this process, or continue selection of candidates, or send the shortlisted candidates the request for submission of proposals; and/or

•           Make any changes in the dates for expression of interest and evaluation, or in the structure of this call or its content

Annex 1 – Shortlist criteria


a. Experience


b. Costs

c. Coverage


d. Innovation








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