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IREX Announces Tender on Equipment Procurement, Installment and Service

IREX (International Research & Exchanges Board), under the scope of G-MEDIA program, is seeking proposals from qualified respondents to procure, install and service equipment (the list of equipment is downloadable from for Modern Media Center Converged Newsroom in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The anticipated award will be a cost reimbursable subcontract.

Anticipated award date: July 18, 2011.

Equipment delivery and installation should be completed by September 16, 2011.

IREX is an international nonprofit organization providing thought leadership and innovative programs to promote positive lasting change globally. IREX began administering training projects and associated grant programs for professionals throughout Georgia in 1994. The programs and projects encompass a variety of fields, including university research and teaching, corporate management and commerce, government policymaking and diplomacy, journalism and the media.

IREX currently administers following programs in Georgia: G-MEDIA (Georgian Media Enhance Democracy, Informed citizenry and Accountability) Program; Georgian Media Partnership Program (GMPP); Global Undergraduate Exchange Program; Edmund S. Muskie Graduate Fellowship Program; Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program (TEA); ECA Alumni Small Grants Program; The University Administration Support Program (UASP).

The four-year USAID-funded G-MEDIA program seeks to assist in the improvement of the quality and availability of news and information on new and traditional platforms, produced by professionals with improved skills and new citizen contributors. The program will lay groundwork for continuing improvements in the Georgian media environment by supporting systematic, evidence-based advocacy for improved media law and regulation driven by Georgian stakeholders. Detailed information about G-MEDIA is available on the website:

Proposal requirements:

Organizations interested in providing this service must submit a proposal, including the following:

  • Budget proposal excluding VAT (with a sufficient detail to determine the price elements);
  • Detailed description of the method used to perform the tasks outlined;
  • Resumes of key staff that will be assigned to the project;
  • Certificate of company registration;
  • Proof that company does not have debts to the tax authorities;
  • List of three similar completed projects of $100,000 or more, with contact information for the clients;
  • Proposals must be in English.

Service, installation and support requirements:

In addition to procurement of the equipment, the vendor will be required to provide the following pre-sales, installation and after care service and support. The vendor will provide in their bid the pricing for these support services.

Service deliverables:

  • Install systems for the studio lighting and P.A. systems (Specification and installation of ceiling-mounted truss system, power management, cabling, and controls.)
  • Facilitate warranty service repairs with the IT equipment manager of the facility.
  • Provide technical support expertise for the IT equipment manager of the facility. For example, establishing a help line to answer questions, assist in troubleshooting and training of the manager on systems they may be unfamiliar with.
  • Facilitate delivery, unboxing, testing and configuration of the systems that will be ordered. This includes configuring, programming and calibrating video cameras, lights and sound systems, software, live stream interfaces, computers, peripherals, networked server setups and backups.
  • Insure equipment against loss and/or damage while still in vendor's possession.
  • Creating a master manifest that lists all equipment, model numbers and serial numbers in a database. (Excel is suitable)
  • Tag all equipment with USAID labels.
  • Maintain a reasonable inventory of spare parts for items that frequently need service or easily suffer breakage.
  • Coordinate with architect about installing RFID security tags in equipment. For example the architect will specify a vendor for the security system and the bidder will need to coordinate the installation and system setup for installing and registering the RFID tags. The vendor may need to have special tools that allow them to easily install such tags in hard to open equipment like cell phones and iPads, for example.

Equipment delivery and installation should be completed by September 16, 2011.

We are looking for one vendor to provide the equipment and services as noted in this RFP. Such vendor can subcontract out for some equipment and installation, but has ultimate responsibility for seeing the project completed.

Studio installations almost always are custom-tailored to the client and venue and maintaining timely, courteous and high-quality communications is perhaps the most important service required.

Please note substitutions are permitted in regards to brand and type of equipment as long as they are equal to or better in regards to specifications, recording file formats, capabilities and performance.

For questions regarding the equipment list attached, substitutions, etc., contact the consultant Robb Montgomery. He is based in Chicago, USA. E-mail is best but Skype can be arranged when time zones allow.

Robb Montgomery
CEO, Visual Editors
Skype: robbmontgomery
Mobile and SMS: +1 (331) 4727880

Proposal evaluation:

The criteria are listed in descending order starting with the most important factors to be evaluated:

  • Overall Price Competitiveness (40%)
  • Flexibility & Customer Service (25%)
  • Creativity in approach (10%)
  • Qualifications of key personnel (10%)
  • Organizational capacity (10%)
  • Past references (5%)

Evaluation and ranking of proposals will be done by IREX GMEDIA, Tbilisi, Georgia. IREX may at its discretion ask for additional information or perform site visits.


IREX reserves the right, based on availability of funding and vendor performance, to enter into subsequent contractual agreements with the winning vender for a period of up to five years without issuing a new RFP.

Proposal submission

The deadline for submission of RFP documents is July 12, 2011, at 18:00.

Please e-mail the proposal and supporting documents to Tamar Gabisonia at:

All proposals submitted must be valid for a period of not less than sixty (60) calendar days from the closing date indicated above.

Contact information:
Name: Tamar Gabisonia
Title: Senior Journalism Education Officer

IREX Georgia
6 Marjanishvili Street, Tbilisi 0102
Tel: +995 99 272177







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