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IREX Seeks Proposals from Qualified Respondents to Conduct Baseline and End line Studies for G-MEDIA Program

IREX, (International Research & Exchanges Board), under the scope of G-MEDIA program is seeking proposals from qualified respondents to conduct baseline and end line studies for G-MEDIA program.  The anticipated award will be a cost reimbursable subcontract.

IREX is an international nonprofit organization providing thought leadership and innovative programs to promote positive lasting change globally. IREX began administering training projects and associated grant programs for professionals throughout Georgia in 1994. The programs and projects encompass a variety of fields, including university research and teaching, corporate management and commerce, government policymaking and diplomacy, journalism and the media.

IREX currently administers following programs in Georgia: G-MEDIA (Georgian Media Enhance Democracy, Informed citizenry and Accountability) Program; Georgian Media Partnership Program (GMPP); Global Undergraduate Exchange Program; Edmund S. Muskie Graduate Fellowship Program; Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program (TEA); ECA Alumni Small Grants Program; The University Administration Support Program (UASP).

The four-year USAID-funded G-MEDIA program seeks to assist in the improvement of the quality and availability of news and information on new and traditional platforms, produced by professionals with improved skills and new citizen contributors. The program will lay groundwork for continuing improvements in the Georgian media environment by supporting systematic, evidence-based advocacy for improved media law and regulation driven by Georgian stakeholders.

G-MEDIA’s overall Program Goal is to improve the public’s access to a range of news and information sources by developing a more politically balanced, editorially independent, professional and viable media sector that reaches audiences across Georgia through diverse delivery channels.

As envisioned, the G-MEDIA program will integrate four core objectives:

1. Improve the quality and diversity of media content and broaden channels of delivery;
2. Improve professional journalism;
3. Improve the regulatory environment and protect journalist’s rights; and
4. Improve media outlets’ viability. 

These components are interrelated in their overall support for the G-MEDIA program goal. Detailed information about G-MEDIA is available on the website:

Objective of Baseline and End line Studies

The overall objective of the baseline study is to acquire pre-program/baseline information on different dimensions of media industry. The purpose of the end line study is to observe changes resulted throughout the program implementation over time.

The specific objectives of the baseline and end line studies are:

  • to measure individual outcome-level results on knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors towards the media industry particularly those indicators provided in the project’s performance management plan (PMP)
  • to assess the content quality of media (current and by the end of the program)
  •  to assess channels of delivery in use, including traditional and new media
  • to study the level of professionalism of media practitioners and the level of university journalism education
  • the viability of targeted media outlets as businesses
  • to review the status of the legal, regulatory and policy framework for the media in Georgia
  • to measure the organizational capacity of media associations.

Suggested Methodology

The research company shall elaborate methodology in close cooperation with G-MEDIA team. The research company is expected:

  • To administer a nation-wide household survey with a statistically significant sample size to measure knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors of citizens throughout Georgia
  • To conduct interviews and focus group meetings with media professionals, journalist, lawyers, academics, media business representatives etc. to get qualitative information on the stated subjected areas
  • To conduct focus group meetings, to carry out desk research on the status of the legal, regulatory and policy framework for the media in Georgia
  • To use secondary quality data and sources to further reinforce the baseline and end line studies’ findings.

Qualifications & Skills Required

A research company shall:

  • Have proven knowledge and experience in conducting baseline and end line surveys by using internationally accepted qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Have consultants with strong academic and research background and excellent analytical skills
  • Have proven knowledge of media industry
  • Have a team of experienced human resource in data collection, data entry, editing and analysis
  • Previous experience working with USAID performance monitoring practices preferred.

Content of proposal

The research company shall submit a detailed proposal for the baseline and end line studies. The proposal shall reflect the qualitative and quantitative methodology, tools and analysis plan in detail. The proposal shall be divided into two parts i.e. technical and financial.

The technical part shall contain the following sections:

I.  Cover Page (including the following information):

  • Name of the research company applying and registry certificate
  •  Title of a proposal
  • Name of responsible official from applicant’s organization
  • Address, phone, fax, email
  • Date submitted to IREX

II.    Executive Summary (not to exceed one page): This section shall summarize the proposal, including brief history of applicant organization, purpose of proposal, types of the studies proposed, proposed methodology, amount requested, and expected results.

III. Organizational Description (one to two pages): This section shall provide a brief history of organization, current status of ownership (privately held, publicly held, etc.), legal registration information, staffing structure, staff credentials, research projects implemented, publications, name and contact information of other current and/or previous funder(s). It should also emphasize experience conducting surveys related to the media sector and/or public perceptions on political and current events.

IV.  Project Description: (two to five pages):

-   Detailed methodology of both the baseline and end line studies – including sampling size/selection, regional coverage, and analysis of results

-   Detailed timeframe (including dates for submission of first drafts and final reports). Detailed CV of the study team members providing information about their experience in relevant areas. 

Financial part of the proposal shall describe the estimated cost for the baseline and end line assessment in detail. The applicant shall provide a detailed budget in US dollars excluding VAT.

Total value of the proposal should not exceed USD 95,000.00.

Under this RFA allowable costs are: personnel, taxes paid on employees, travel and per diem, supplies, rent of meeting space, communications, and translation and printing of materials. 

The applicants shall address questions to and submit both the hard and electronic copy of a proposal to Manana Kakuchaia, IREX Grants & Finance Manager at the following address by October 27, 2011 COB:

Marjanishvili str. 6, Green Building, 3rd floor

IREX Georgia Office

Tbilisi Georgia 0102


Phone:  291 26 08, ext. 118

Expected deliverables

The research company shall present the findings of the baseline and end line studies. The draft reports must contain (in English):

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Introduction and Background
  3. Methodology
  4. Study results in narrative form and numbers disaggregated by indicators/topics
  5. Discussion/analytical inputs based on qualitative and quantitative information
  6. Annexes

After receiving the feedback from G-MEDIA, the report will be finalized incorporating executive summary and other necessary chapters.  Both the hard and soft copy of the final report has to be submitted. Field notes, data set, qualitative analysis and other relevant documents should be submitted.

The research company shall provide quality assurance at each and every stage of the research including sampling, questionnaire elaboration, training and coordination of enumerators, interviews, data entry and analysis, reporting, coordination with GMEDIA team, etc.  

Criteria for Selection of Consultant

The consultant will be selected according to the following criteria:

  • Technical Approach and Methodology  (maximum score 30)
  • Professional Competency and Experience (maximum score 20)
  • Work plan Financial Terms (maximum score 5)
  • Financial Terms (maximum score 5)
  • Total Score 60

Time frame

Detailed work schedule will be discussed and finalized in close consultations with IREX GMEDIA team. However, the work for the baseline study is expected to commence from November 15, 2011 and be accomplished by March 15, 2012. 

The end line report shall be submitted not later than 30 days before the end of the G-MEDIA program.







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