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Request for Applications - Limited competition open to G-MEDIA subgrantees only

Public Affairs Content Production, with Emphasis on Elections Reporting

Open to regional TV companies

Re-announced: June 7, 2012

IREX is conducting a grants competition in the frames of its Georgian Media Enhance Democracy, Informed Citizenry and Accountability (G-MEDIA) Program, which is made possible by the support of the American People through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). IREX has a limited pool of funds to support one year (12 months) of public affairs content production with an emphasis on elections reporting in a regional TV station. Regional TV stations, which are successfully implementing G-MEDIA-funded similar content production projects in 2011-2012, are eligible to participate in this competition. 

The grant aims to allow regional TV stations to build on their achievements to date and further improve and expand production of public affairs content, vital for maintaining democratic discourse in Georgia and serving informational needs of their audiences. Upcoming parliamentary elections should be one of the key themes of the content produced.

IREX is willing to consider applications for a grant from regional TV stations, which have demonstrated commitment to press freedoms and highest professional standards, endured both market and political pressures, and excelled in providing quality content to their audiences; have made every effort to make their ownership and finances transparent to public and provided their employees with higher degree of editorial independence; provided public with forum for quality discussions of topics of high societal importance; have shown greater creativity and employed non-traditional approaches, including use of new media, for expansion and growth; have shown greater care and efficiency in managing funds provided by donors as well as their own financial resources; have shown concern and care for the professional development of their employees, supported ethical practices and encouraged out-of-box thinking.

One successful applicant will be awarded with a subgrant not exceeding USD 40,000, to produce Public Affairs Program of their preferred format, which will be broadcast at least weekly. 

Successful applicants should be able to demonstrate results they have achieved with the help of G-MEDIA funding in 2011-2012 (for example, increased audience participation, improved distribution, etc.) and explain clearly how they plan to maintain them and build on them with the help of a new grant (for example, improved production quality, added interactive features, diversified revenues, etc.). The proposed activities should feed into media outlet’s overall development strategy and enhance its prospects of becoming self-sustaining. 

For this contest, the applicants are encouraged to consider expanding on the TV program format they have developed with IREX support last year. They should take close look at main features of the program, amend those which have not proved realistic and refine those, which worked well in local context. The applicant should make every effort to maintain trained staff and successfully tested features and tools and should propose new features and tools if needed. Emphasis on elections coverage, required by this contest, is limited to 4-5 months, to pre and post Parliamentary election periods (July-November). The rest of the programs should be devoted to discussions of social and political issues of interest to local audiences.    

The applicants should create a mechanism for ensuring maximum engagement with their audiences through the use of new media tools and interactive features. The proposed format should allow re-packaging for multiple platforms and the widest possible circulation through alternative distribution channels, in addition to over-the air, cable and/or satellite broadcasting.

The applicants are required to present a revenue generation plan – to show how production of proposed content will lead to increased income from advertising and sponsorship to gradually substitute grant funding. The applicants need to describe how they will measure increase and demographic change in audience, which advertisers they will target and which strategies they will employ to capture their attention.

Content produced as a result of the above new grant will be uploaded on the G-MEDIA web-site in addition to being published/broadcast/posted by respective subgrantees through their own platforms. This approach will help to increase the audience and impact of the content produced.

The winners of the competition shall receive technical assistance from IREX in the form of customized consulting and coaching.

Subgrantees will receive consultations on media law from GYLA and on multi-media approaches from IREX/G-MEDIA’s Senior New Media Manager.

Applications should be received no later than June 14, 2012, 6:00pm to be considered for a subgrant. Questions regarding this grant application should be submitted to Tatuli Gogadze no later than June 13, 2012, 6:00pm. See additional contact information below.                                                        

Evaluation Criteria for Applications

The G-MEDIA Grants Committee will review the applications against the following criteria:

Organizational Capacity

1. Degree of editorial independence the media outlet exercises;

2. Degree of financial and ownership transparency;

3. Proven commitment of the applicant to the highest journalistic standards;

4. Potential to grow and improve, assessed on the basis of past performance;

5. Ability of the organization to efficiently handle proposed workload.

Quality of Proposal

1. How important the proposed program is for the local community the TV station serves;

2. Effective use of new media tools;

4. Methods used to engage audiences;

4. The degree to which the program may be self-sustaining;

5. Efficient use of resources requested from IREX;

This request for grant application does not commit IREX to pay any costs incurred in the preparation of a grant application not funded or contract for the services or supplies described herein. IREX reserves the right to reject any of the applications received.   In issuing this Grants Application document, IREX is not acting as an agent or on behalf of USAID and USAID will not be party of any resulting Subgrant from this grants program.

Please send signed and sealed application (scanned, in PDF format) electronically to Tatuli Gogadze at   Please request confirmation of the receipt after submission.  Alternatively, you can submit hard copy of the application, signed and sealed, accompanied with electronic copy recorded on CD (scanned, in PDF format) to Tatuli Gogadze at the address below: 


6, Marjanishvili Street

Tbilisi 0102, Georgia

Office: +(995 32) 291 26 08

Fax:    +(995 32) 229 19 05

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