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“Promoting Independent Media Through Desktop Publishing” Program


Polish-Czech-Slovak Solidarity Foundation


The Program "Promoting Independent  Media Through Desktop Publishing" is addressed to non-governmental organizations, independent press and publishing houses from Russia,Ukraine, Belarusian,Moldova, and Caucasus Region countries. 

The program "Promoting Independent  Media Through Desktop Publishing" is addressed to these who are open to democracy, ready to fight with any attempts of the state to control free thoughts and speech. This program should serve organizations, which believe that freedom of speech means not only political freedom but it also creates opportunity to communicate with the others, who are on the other side of the state borders. Our program aims at promoting reconciliation and cooperation among various nations in Central andEastern Europe.

Application from governmental bodies and organizations will not be accepted. The program is implemented by the Polish – Czech – Slovak Solidarity Foundation and it is financed by the National Endowment for Democracy.

It is planned that 15 participants will be trained in computer word processing techniques within the framework of this program. The training will be in Russian. Depending on the experience of participants trainings shall be provided at three levels: basic training, advance training and professional workshops (detailed description is included). Training sessions will be organized as biweekly workshops consisting of 40 hours of training. Up to 6 persons working in pairs at one computer station will participate in each training. The first training is planned at the end of  January 2013.

In addition, 5 of selected organizations will receive computer equipment facilitating publishing tasks.

Also the Foundation will organize meetings with representatives of various Polish organizations and institutions, as required by the participants, during their stay inPoland.

Organizations participating in the program will be selected by the Program Council on the basis of their applications consisting of the following documents:

-          cover letter describing reasons why the organization wants to participate in the program and providing list of candidates for training signed by the chairman of organization,

-          application of the organization(*),

-          individual applications(*) of candidates (no more than 2 from each organization).

(*)Application forms are available in the Foundation's office and from the Foundation's Web-site.

Applications may be sent by mail, fax or e-mail. First deadline for the applications is January, 12.

Evaluation criteria include evaluation of previous activities of the organization, usefulness of program for the organization and evaluation of candidates. In addition, decisions regarding granting computer equipment will be based on commitment and progress made by training participants from a given organization.

On the request of the Program Coordinator, the Program Council may remove program participant provided his/her behavior was reprehensible.

Program participants will be housed in tourist hotels in double rooms. The Foundation will provide them with daily allowances, covering the costs of daily expenditures (food, transportation, local calls, and cultural events). The Foundation will also finance the costs of health and accidents insurance.

The Foundation will reimburse costs of travel to Poland by train or bus - second (economy) class tickets. With regard to participants from the Asian part of Russia or Caucasus Region the Foundation may reimburse costs of airplane tickets; however the Foundation reserves itself a possibility for determining the maximum amount of reimbursement.

All the details regarding the program and application forms are available in the office of the Foundation:

The Foundation of Polish-Czech-Slovak Solidarity

ul. Szpitalna5, m5, III p. 00-031 Warsaw, Poland

tel. (+48-22) 828 9128 w. 141, 826 35 98, fax (+48-22) 828 9129








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