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07.05.2013 21:40

CIPDD Named Winners of the Second Grant Contest

Gela Bochikashvili


The Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development (CIPDD) named 7 winners out of the 103 applications for the second grant contest for “Supporting Civil Society and Free Media” received on May 2. Approximately GEL 200,000 funding  has been allotted for the projects.

The winners were: Gruzia Online, Nova Societa, a non-governmental organization Resource-Center, Investigative Reporting Association, Artarea TV2.0, parent-teacher association Liberta and internet

Gruzia Online is going to carry out a project for Russian language readers. The winner project of Nova Societa is called “Anti-liberal Discourse and Hatred Language in Modern Georgian Media.” The project of Resource-Center is “Civil Journalism @georgianwatchdog.” Within the framework of its project,  Artarea TV 2.0 is going prepare an analytical internet-program called “Topic.”

According to CIPDD, the projects prioritized in reference with the allotment of grants, were those assisting “citizen involvement and development of internet media.”

Upon receiving finances from the Presidential Reserve Fund, CIPDD opened the second grant contest. The shift of the contest date from April 12 to April 21 was due to the fact that according to the Law on Grants, commercial legal persons aren’t entitled to participate in the contest.

“Media outlets are mostly commercial legal persons, thus cannot receive grants,”- the project coordinator Rusudan Tabukashvili clarified reporting to Media.Ge. She as well added that media outlets could have registered under different legal status during a prolonged period of time in order to participate in the contest. 

The organization claims to have received tax-free GEL 800, 000 from the Presidential Reserve Fund. The funding as well covered the expenses of CIPDD. Hence the organization allotted  the total of GEL 527, 000 during the course of the two contests.

“Civil Sector and Free Media Development Assistance Project” was established by the decision of  President Mikheil Saakashvili from December 7, 2012. GEL 1 million had been allotted from the Presidential Reserve Fund for the development of civil sector and enhancement of the role of free media. The sum was supposed to be allocated to the contest winner- noncommercial legal person(s).

By the decision of the contest commission, CIPDD allotted GEL 800, 000 to the winners of the contest, and GEL 200, 000 to Zaza Daraselia Journalism Dvelopment Fund.







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