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25.05.2013 00:16

Media Outlets Apologize For Their Mistakes

Gela Bochikashvili

No Theocracy

The organizers of the rally “No to Theocracy” believe that media must provide professional coverage of events. According to them, it is necessary to clarify the terms “homophobia”, “theocracy”, as well as the other terms used during the coverage of information.

“I want to remind the society and first of all TV Imedi and Channel 9, that the rally “No to Theocracy” isn’t organized by LGBT organizations. It is organized by an initiative group of citizens,”- one of the rally organizers, Sandro Lominashvili reported to Media.Ge

He believes that the rally planned to be held in the Park of Deda Ena won’t endanger its participants, as the Ministry of Internal Affairs is informed about the upcoming event.

“Those people and especially the Patriarchy fully understand the seriousness of the crime they had publicly committed 17 May on Rustaveli Avenue,”- He added.

The TV companies circulated the information regarding the organizers of the “No to Theocracy” rally with reference to the notice of Interpressnews. According to Nata Mumladze, Chief Editor of Interpressnews, their journalist had spread unverified information.

“There was no mistake on our website, it was in the notice, that is available only to the subscribers. It’s not meant for the broad public”- Mumladze stressed. She added that the information for non-subscribers regarding the organizers of the rally had been uploaded on the website.

Head of the Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics Giorgi Mgeladze believes that media should pay close attention when covering such topics.

“Today’s information in fact contained mistakes, which media must immediately put right,”- Mgeladze added reporting to Media.Ge

Head of Channel 9 Information Service Imeda Darsalia says that the TV has provided clarification and apologized for the information featured in the 2 o’clock newscast.

“Our newsreader  made reference to the information spread by one of the information agencies. This doesn’t cancel out our fault. I’m deeply sorry about the fact. I bring my apologies to everyone”- Darsalia told Media.Ge

Head of Imedi Information Service Baia Tsanava says that the information featured in Kronika had been prepared based on the information from an information agency.

“This is an unpleasant fact. We do not decline the responsibility for what has happened. We ourselves noticed the inaccuracy that had slipped in, and Imedi TV is now preparing a special statement. We have as well taken internal measures and will reprimand the persons responsible,”- Tsanava reported to Media.Ge. Imedi TV has made the statement over the fact.

According to Baia Tsanava, Imedi TV prepared several stories regarding the rally where the journalists said that the rally had been organized by the civil society that protest against violence.







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