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03.06.2013 10:51

Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics Alleges Media.Ge Breached Principle 1 and 5 of Charter

ჟურნალისტური ეთიკის ქარტიის ლოგო

On April 24 and 25 the aforementioned websites published the material about the production of TV discussions by TV 9 with the financial backing of EPF. The initial versions of the articles said EPF awarded TV 9 with a grant which afterwards turned out to be a mistake – TV 9 received funding from EPF not as a grant but through tender contest.

According to decision issued by the Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics neither Netgazeti, nor ExpressNews violated any of the principles since they did timely corrected the mistake. Media.Ge though, through the April 24 article breached principle 1 and 5 of the Charter, for failing to rectify the mistake in a timely manner.

According to Principle 1 of the Charter A journalist must have respect for the truth and the right of the public to accurate information; According to Principle 5 The media have a duty to rectify a substantially inaccurate information have been published which could mislead the public. 

“I partially accept the infringement of Principle 1 and I do fully admit the breach of Principle 5, the mistake in the article should have been fixed on the same day,” says Media.Ge’s editor David Mchedlidze in charge of the article.  

The Georgian Charter of Journalistic Ethics is going to release the motivation part of the decision later.







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