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07.06.2013 21:59

Civil Sector and Free Media Development Organizations Funded by President’s Fund

მიხეილ სააკაშვილი

Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development(CIPDD), headed by Gia Nodia, has named 19 winners from the total of 192 applications submitted to “Civil Society and Free Media Development contest”. CIPDD allotted  GEL 527,000 for the funding of the projects.

Media.Ge provides you the information regarding some of the winner organizations.

Investigative Reporting Organization”

Investigative Reporting Organization, founded on April 11, one day before the termination of the contest, has become one the winners. Later on, however, the contest was extended up to April 21.

Kakhaber Gigitelashivili, former Deputy Director General of Imedi TV, is now the Head of the Direction of Investigative Reporting Organization. He owns several companies, including Travel Consulting LLC, 50 % of which was given to him by Jaba Vekua, another shareholder of the company.

Under Gigitelashvili’s ownership are as well 50 % of OnScreen Media, 25% of TBILIAURA LLC, 50 % of STARDOCK PRODUCTIONS LCC. Since October 12, 2012 he owns IPR Institute for Public Research, 50 % of which was previously owned by Giorgi Arveladze, Director General of Georgian Media Productions Group which owned Imedi, and another 50 % was under the ownership of his deputy Dimitri Kalaberidze.

Dimitri Kalaberidze is, together with Gigitelashvili, in the membership of the Association’s Direction.

According to the Regulation, the goal of the Association is the creation of material-technical professional platform for both experienced and beginner journalists in order to facilitate them in the production of investigative reporting. The organizationsprovides them with equipment, offers them free-of-charge service of professional cameramen, service of professional editor, and helps publish the reporting prepared. It also receives the applications from beginner journalists regarding the topic of investigation, selects them and later secures the working platform.


Artarea TV2.0, founded on April 12, is another winner of the contest having received the grant. It is headed by former journalist Sopho Khuntsaria .Levan Tsaishvili and Anastasia Chkheizde are, together with Khuntsaria, the owners of the Company. First Artarea TV2.0 received two grants. Its first project is called “ Open Georgia of Davit Turashvili”, but the formation process of its content was still in progress so the Company had to decline the grant. Internet-program called Topic is another project the company is supposed to prepare. registered on March 5, currently unavailable for unauthorized users, also received funding. Name and password is required in order to sign in.

According to the Entrepreneurial Register, the founders of the organization are Nikoloz Vashakidze, former Deputy Foreign Minister, Nino Nakashdze, former Georgian Ambassador to the Czech Republic, and historian Mamuka Kudava. The goal of the organization is working on the issues of public policies, human rights, etc.

NGO Resource Center

Yet another winner of the contest. The membership of its Direction embraces Oleg Panfilov, Mikheil Tavkhelidze and Iveta Chelishvili. Their projects  are called “Civil Journalism@georgianwatchdog and “Civil Journalist-Civil Control-Civil Society.”

Nova Societas

Will as well receive the grant. It’s Executive Director is Giorgi Sabanadze. The founders are Emzar Jgerenaia, the member of the grants giving organization of CIPDD several years ago, Giorgi Kiladze, Director of the National Library, and Akaki Kenchoshvili. Their project is called “Anti-Liberal Discourse and Language of Hatred in Contemporary Georgian Media.”

Gruzia Online

Contest winner Russian-language internet-publication, aka, headed by Gocha Gvaramia, member of the Experts’ Club. Gruzia online is going to carry out it project “Georgia for Russian-speaking readers.”

Civil Journalism Club

Registered on March 11.  The project of the organization is called “I-Reporter in the Regions”. Nino Chelidze is the founder of the organization. According to her, the main objective of the project is development of civil journalism in the regions.

Constitutionalism Research and Assistance Regional Center

The winner project of the organization is called “ Involvement of the Focus-Group of Civil Society in Legal Drafting.” The Head of the organization’s Direction is constitutionalist Avtandil Demetrashvili. The membership of the Direction embraces Lika Sajaia, Nazibrola Muskhelishvili, Manana Gabunia, Natia Kupatadze, Vakhtang Zhvania, Nikoloz Rtveladze, Veriko Lataria, Maka Tevdoradze and Asmat Dzimistarishvili.

Our Freedom

Founded on March 13. Tamar Kvashalia is the Director of the organization. She was one of the organizers of the rally “No to Occupation” , held in February.

Press of Kvemo Kartli-KKPRESS

Will receive the grant for its project “Local Media for Coverage of Social-Political Life of Kvemo Kartli Region”. KKPRESS is going to the use the funding for the development of Kkpress.Ge web-portal, which covers the social-political issues taking place in Kvemo Kartli. Manon Bokuchava is the Director of the organization.

Georgian Institute for Strategic Studies

Also received the grant. Eka Tkeshelashvili, former Security Secretary, is the President of the Institute. The founders are Tornike Gordadze, former Deputy Foreign Minister, Irakli Porchkhidze, former Deputy Minister of Reintegration, and Davit Aphrasidze. The latter was among the CIPDD membership. They are going to carry out the project called “Conflict-Related Politics: Challenges and Perspectives(series of public discussions/considerations)

Georgian Institute for Debates and Education.

By the funding received within the framework of the contest, the Institute is going to realize the project called “Debates for Changes”. The Head of its Direction is Tinatin Tsertsvadze. The members of the Direction are Armaz Akhvlediani, Political-Secretary of Georgian Dream- Democratic Georgia, Konstantine(Kakha) Magradze, Senior Consultant of GePRA, Salome Shelia and Lela Rekhviashvili.

CIPDD stated that the priority of the granting would be given to the projects aiding the enhancement of citizens’ activity and development of internet-media.

“Civil Sector and Free Media Development Assistance Project” was established by the decision of Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili from December 17, 2012. GEL 1, 000,000 was allotted from the President’s Reserve Fund for the development of civil sector and enhancement of the role of free media, which, according to the contest, was supposed to be distributed between non-commercial legal persons named by the contest commission.

According to the decision of the contest commission, CIPDD allocated the winners the total of GEL 800,000, and Zaza Daraselia’s Journalistic Development Fund received GEL 200,000.

The funding received as well included the expenses of CIPDD. Thus, only GEL 527, 000 was allocated for the grants.

As regards the contest carried out by Zaza Daraselia’s Journalistic Development Fund, it ended in April 2013, yet the Fund didn’t announce the information regarding the winners. Media.Ge made several attempts to obtain the information about the winners from the Fund’s Head Nino Daraselia, but without any result.








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