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10.04.2013 11:05

2 new projects on Georgian Public Broadcaster

Gela Bochikashvili

Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) is launching two new projects on social and political topics – Political Week and social show – On the Hot Line.  Tender for development of studios for the new programs has been announced 8 April. 

GPB has allocated GEL 65,000 for the talk-show – Political Week which is to be anchored by Inga Grigolia.  For the program On the Hot Line will be allocated GEL 52,000.  Participation in the tender for development of studios for both programs is possible from 24 April through 29 April.  Winning Companies must construct the studio in 15 days after signing the contract. 

According to the Head of GPB Public Relations Service Tiko Berdzenishvili, only technical details are remaining to be solved for launching the new programs.  According to her it has been decided that Political Week will be aired on Sundays and the social show at prime time on Saturdays – Political Week may also be aired on Wednesdays. 

“Process of preparing the programs has been started.  After the studios will be constructed we will know exactly when the programs will be aired,” Berdzenishvili told 

Berdzenishvili says that it is also still to be decided who will anchor the On the Hot Line show.  Allegedly it will be one of the co-anchors of the Heaven’s Apples Nino Zautashvili. 

GPB signed 1-year contract with Political Week anchor Inga Grigolia 15 February 2013.  Grigolia says that her program was to be launched on the 1st Channel 3 April, but due to processes underway in the GPB the premier was postponed. 

According to her, during October Presidential elections such a political talk-show on the GPB will be interested for viewers. 

“My program will be aired twice a week – one of them will be at 8 p.m. on Sundays.  I believe summarizing of the top topic of each week will be very interesting,” she stressed in an interview with 

“Nino Sturua will be Head Producer of Political Week; Producer – Nino Khutsishvili and Director – Zura Pankvelashvili.  Other members of the program team have not been selected yet.  First Channel journalists will be standing up from regions – in each program we will have standups from minimum 2 regions”. 

Despite the fact that the program will have extensive studio audience Grigolia will not have a co-anchor. 

Along with the GPB Inga Grigolia also works as Head of Press-Service of the United Water Supply Company.  According to her, despite the fact that even if she will have to prepare programs on water supply problems, there will be no conflict of interests. 

“Tbilisi Water Supply Company is an LLC.  These two jobs will not interfere with each other as it is not against the law.  I plan to work a radio and newspaper also.  I hope I will have enough time.  I agreed to that job proposition as it is not a political organization and it will not create barriers for me to work as journalist also,” Grigolia stressed. 

Grigolia says that Political Week will also speak about social problems – “water supply will be one of the most serious topics.”  







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