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09.07.2013 13:13

Broadcaster Spends up to GEL 15 Thousand on Inga Grigolia’s TV Program

Gela Bochikashvili

ინგა გრიგოლია

From the new TV season Georgian Public Broadcaster is going to launch Inga Grigolia’s authorship TV program Political Week that had been planned to be on air in April 2013, said GPB’s Director General Giorgi Baratashvili reporting to Media.Ge.

Public broadcaster signed a one-year contract with Inga Grigolia on February 15, 2013. Granting an interview to Media.Ge Inga Grigolia said the program was to be on air on April 3but due to some changes ongoing in the broadcaster the starting date was postponed.

Reporting to Media.Ge GPB’s FOI officer Dimitri Berdzenishvili said the public broadcaster expended GEL 52 thousand on the decorations of the studio for the TV program Political Week.

Dimitri Berdzenishvili also informed that seven people are employed on the production of Political Week. The monthly remuneration for all of them is GEL 14, 950, which tops GEL 179 thousand annually while the budget for two political talk shows such as Accents and Dialogue with Davit Paichadze is approximately twice less compared with the expenditure to produce Political Week.

Reportedly three people including host, producer and correspondent are working on the production of the program Dialogue with Davit Paichadze. The annual remuneration of which amounts to GEL 63 thousand. To set up the studio for the program GPB spent around GEL 34 thousand.

GPB apportioned over GEL 67, 500 for Eka Kvesitadze’s authorship program Accents. Three people including hostess, producer and analyst work on the production of the program. The budget for decorating the studio was GEL 31 thousand.

Speaking at the June 8 sitting of GPB Board of Trustees GPB’s Director General Giorgi Baratashvili delivered a speech about programs and programming priorities for the broadcaster’s new TV season 2013-2014. The sitting was closed to the public and only Board members including Mamuka Pachuashvili, Zura Davitashvili, Davit Kandelaki, Emzar Goguadze, Avtandil Antidze, Natalia Dvali, Nino Danelia and Board chairperson Levan Gakheladze were eligible to be present.







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