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23.08.2013 16:28

Broadcasting Company Hereti and Stereo + coincide with the conditions for issuing radio-broadcasting license the most - GNCC

Tamar Paradashvili

Broadcasting Regulation Department of the Georgian National Communication Commission (GNCC) has concluded that from the concepts submitted to the competition for radio broadcasting license in Tbilisi the requirements are the most satisfied by the Broadcasting Company Hereti and Stereo +.  The given information has been circulated by the GNCC.   

Five companies take part in the competition for the FM 93.5 broadcasting license in Tbilisi:  Artpalace LLC, Energy Group LLC, Stereo + LLC, Broadcasting Company Hereti LLC and Art Radio LLC.  The GNCC organized verbal hearing of the concepts submitted by the competing Companies 22 August. 

Conclusion made by the GNCC Department after the verbal hearing, “thematic proposed by the license applicants and additionally diversity of topics proposed within the thematic and the level of covering of all social groups (age, gender and so on) by the given diversity in the broadcasting zone has been insured by the Broadcasting Company Hereti LLC and Stereo + LLC.” 

The conclusion also reads that the concept submitted by the Energy Group does not consider programs of children and youth thematic, accordingly the interests of the given part have not been considered by the Company.  “The submitted concept does not provide for making of entertainment programs either and as for the music thematic, they have submitted only general indication of the radio music direction.” 

The conclusion reads that the concept submitted Art Palace does not provide for analytical and youth programs thematic and within the children’s and sports thematic the program diversity is proposed only by means of rubrics (in the program Morning Air), although specific programs are not defined here either. 

As for Art Radio, GNCC Department believes that the proposed concept does not include analytical thematic programs.










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