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11.09.2013 12:00

Citizen’s Portal- Possibility to Receive Information Electronically

Nata Dzvelishvili

The Ministry of Justice of Georgia has implemented a system of the electronic request of information. The citizen’s portal MY.GOV.GE has been created within the framework of Open Government Partnership (OGP), and allows to electronically request information from up to 60 public institutions, in which a system of the electronic processing of information is implemented.

A citizen can access the system using an ID card and the same password and username required in the Houses of Justice in order to give out information. As regards ID cards, a special reader is necessary to use them.

Upon entering the system, a citizen has to fill certain forms, choose an institution which he/she wishes to write to. According to Director of the Agency for Data Exchange Irakli Gvenetadze, after a letter has been registered in the appropriate office, a citizen will receive a registration number via mobile phone, using which he/she can find his/her letter. The replies coming from the institution will be published in a special section- “Completed Tasks”. In this same section a customer can look up his/her old letters sent to various public institutions and replies to them.

With the government’s decree from August 26, which came into force this year’s September 1, an information obtained electronically has the same legal power as the one printed, so a citizen is given the opportunity to select the format(printed or electronic).

According to the same decree, the liability of giving out information electronically has been imposed upon the other institutions. Those include the following administrative bodies: the Chancellery of the Georgian government, the Ministries, Apparatus of Georgian State Minister, state amenable agency, legal entity of public law functioning in the sphere of the State Ministry’s governance of Georgia and under the state control of the State Minister, as well as the special-purpose paramilitary facility of the executive branch under the direct supervision of the Georgian government.







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