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12.02.2014 20:29

Tabula admitted Mistake and Dismissed Journalist

Gela Bochikashvili

ტაბულაში ღარიბაშვილი

Tabula has dismissed a journalist due to a mistake made in the material. The direction made the decision after the statement issued today, 12 February, by the PM’s press-service. The statement was pointing out to a mistake Tabula had had its material published 12 February. The editorial staff of Tabula has made apology for the mistake.

“Tabula is devoted to the standard of the impartial, undistorted and accurate conveyance of facts. The editorial staff won’t let a shadow be cast on the reputation of the employees because of a mistake of a single journalist. Therefore, the journalist that ascribed the PM something he didn’t say, has been dismissed.

We hope that the government will address its mistakes with a degree of responsibility similar to that of Tabula’s editorial staff,”- reads the statement published on Tabula’s website.

Tabula’s material under the title - “Garibashvili: I’m expecting major Russian investments in Georgia in the beginning of the year. The journalist wrote in the material that “Russians” have certain interests in various spheres in Georgia.” Whereas in his interview with Imedi’s Politico’s Time, Irakli Garibashvili hadn’t mentioned “Russians” in that context, and spoke about his visits to abroad and meetings with businessmen in Israel. He as well stressed that Georgian-Israeli business forum will be held in Georgia in March.







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