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19.05.2014 21:56

Vakhtang Abashidze Elected GNCC Chairman

Nata Dzvelishvili

ვახტანგ აბაშიძე

Vakhtang Abashidze has been elected to the head the Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC) for a three-year term. All five members of the Commission voted in his favor. He was the only candidate running for the vote. The rest of the Commissioners showed no intention to occupy the given position.

According to Abashidze his priorities are going to include new technologies, supporting companies to develop, G4 services, digital broadcasting, and the like. The recently elected chairperson said he is planning structural reorganization within the Communications Commission, staff changes are quite expected as well.

“Structural reorganization implies granting new authorities to the departments, settings new goals. Staff changes are quite probable as well, but by means of a contest in order to design a new structure, a new human resources system. Vacancies will be announced for various positions,” Vakhtang Abashidze said.

The Commission member Akaki Sikharulidze said Vakhtang Abashidze is an absolute professional in his field and has contributed a lot to the formation of the Commission.”

The Parliament of Georgia elected Vakhtang Abashidze as a Commissioner on March 5 of this year. He has already been a Commissioner and Chairman once. He was holding GNCC top position in 2000-2004. Abashidze is a journalist by profession. Since 2012 he has been a chairman of the Silknet JSC tenders commission and head of the service for relations with operators.

According to the Transparency International – Georgia Vakhtang Abashidze’s brother Zurab Abashidze is the Georgian government’s special representative for relations with Russia.

This is the first time the chairman has been elected by the Commissioners. Thus far the head of the agency would get appointed by the President. The new rule of electing the chairperson was due to the amendment made to the Georgia Law on Broadcasting in October 2013.

The Commission elected the chairman though secret ballot. The vote tabulation commission included Ioseb Kharebava, head of the GNCC’s Administrative Department, Kakhi Kurashvili, head of the Legal Department, and Tiko Tkeshelashvili, head of Strategic Planning Department.







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