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15.08.2015 14:22

" Imagine Kibar Khalvashi sitting , working on logo," Zaza Bikibashvili, lawyer of Rustavi2

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Rustavi2"s lawyers attended a meeting with the diplomatic corps. According to them, a company"s current shareholders, unlike Kibar Khalvashi,  have invested a lot to develop the company. According to Zaza Bibilashvili,  this is not an attempt to return something, this is attempt to capture everything.

" Imagine Kibar Khalvashi sitting, working on logo, painting it. That"s what the authorship means.  We are sure that visit of diplomatic corps will help us to prove our truth and the force, which is fighting against rustavi2 will not be able to achieve its goal . The name of this force is not Kibar Khalvashi, the name is Bidzina Ivanishvili,"- Zaza Bibilashvili said.

The lawyers also focused on "absurd"  part of the claim , as Tamta Muradashvili says.

" It is possible that  Kibar Khalvashi ventured this part of the claim to be funny, because he wanted Tamaz Urtmelidze to work on the case,"- said Tamta Muradashvili, Rustavi2"s lawyer.

The head of the financial department of the TV channel underlined the  possible consequences, which may be caused by  the seizure of the assets.

" In addition to seizing the property, we can not lease anything or have relation with the banking institutions. We will loss  1 700 thousand GEL annually,"- Kakha Damenia said.







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