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21.10.2011 07:22

IDFI vs Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation of Georgia

David Makaridze

On October 20 the panel of administrative cases of Tbilisi City Court has launched the examination into the complaint lodged by the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) against the Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation of Georgia.

In May IDFI made a request to the Ministry on providing public information about the budget expenditure and the total bonuses. The Ministry rejected the request. IDFI appealed the decision at the administration of the aforementioned body but was given a denial in response.

We did not request either secret or commercial type of data, it was just public information. Unfortunately our request was denied which was followed by lodging the complaint at the court, said Giorgi Kldiashvili, IDFI’s Director reporting to

Tbilisi City Court is going to reach the decision over the case on October 31.

IDFI works on advancing the quality of freedom of public information in Georgia. In 2009 the organization, thanks to the financial backing of the Open Society Georgia Foundation, launched a database of public information ( which includes the data obtained from public agencies about the salaries, bonuses of the officials, as well as budget and business trip expanses. The data is being quarterly summarized and a common statistics made up.







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