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06.04.2012 12:39

Police Interferes with Adjara P.S. Journalist in Filming an Incident

Maia Tsiklauri

Sulkhan Meskhidze, media group Adjara P.S. (Adjara region) journalist, accuses Patrol Police officers in interfering with his journalistic activity in seizing his video-camera. 

Sulkhan Meskhidze told that he went to film the eviction of Kobuleti residents for unpaid bank credits on 6 April.  There were tens of police officers when he arrived at the location. 

“Situation was already tense.  People opposed the police.  I tried to shoot with my video-camera.  One of the policemen attacked me, hit me on my shoulder and interfered with me filming.  He dragged me aside and tried to seize the camera,” Sulkhan Meskhidze stressed.  

The journalist also publicized the video-footage showing the given incident.  It can be seen in the video that law enforcers are trying to not let him film. 

Jemal Megrelidze, media group Adjara P.S. Director General, stated that the media group will respond to the given incident and will appeal to the coinciding bodies of the Ministry of International Affairs of Georgia. 

Media group Adjara P.S. unites two newspapers – Chemi Kobuleti (My Kobuleti – circulated in Kobuleti) and Adjara P.S. (circulated throughout Adjara region).  The media group also runs the Internet television – P.S. TV.  







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