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21.06.2012 10:40

Trialeti Accuses Policeman of Attack against Journalists

Maia Tsiklauri

TV-radio company Trialeti alleges policeman Shalva Khachidze was partaking in the June 18 attack against Trialeti camera crew.

The TV company showed the population the footage featuring the attack and the viewers recognized the policeman. Gocha Darchiashvili, head of Trialeti information service clarified.

The attack against the camera crew, Trialeti TV reports, was carried out in the town of Surami. Trialeti reporters were talking to the locals affected by the flooding river when a stranger approached them demanding the TV staff to quit filming and leave the area. The camera crew nevertheless went on their professional activities.

Afterwards the stranger made a call and in a few minutes a jeep with the State number plates WKW -737 rooming five individuals arrived. The new comers made the same demand to the camera crew unless otherwise they threatened with crushing their video camera. The threats were followed by the throwing of stones, verbal and physical abuse by their supporters,” said Darchiashvili.

No one was injured as a result of the assault, he added.

According to Trialeti this is not the first case of threats and control against the TV company journalists. The camera crew, says Darchiashvili, is constantly being haunted by someone to observe whatever is being filmed. The calls containing threats are being made against Khashuri-based correspondent Malkhaz Mikeladze.

“He is threatened with facing problems unless he quits journalism activities,” said Darchiashvili and thereby added that similar calls have been made to Kaspi and Gori-based correspondents too.

Trialeti is accusing police of everything. The TV company alleges the aggression was incited due to the TV coverage of the case relates to Solomon Kimeridze found dead in the police office in Khashuri. Police staff have been demonstrating aggression to us up to now and we fear our correspondent in Khashuri is in danger.”

Trialeti appeals to the Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to launch an investigation into the case. 







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