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05.07.2012 11:19

The continuing attacks on journalists in Gori

Maia Tsiklauri

The "Info 9" shooting crew was beaten in the village Tsedisi. The journalist Rezo Nadiradze and the cameraman Lexo Alexidze arrived in the village to cover the protest. Tsedisi dwellers intended to block the road for drinking water supply requirement. Suddenly, the Mercedes car with a number SOV 001 appeared in the village.

One person out from a car hit the microphone. When a reporter asked why he did it, the other person physically assaulted a journalist and a cameraman. All this action is also recorded as video material.

The village population got involved in the conflict and those persons were forced to leave Tsedisi.

Tsedisi dwellers identified persons in the Mercedes car. One of them lives in the neighboring village Ateni a police officer Samson Vanishvili, who obstructed the work of journalists.

"Info 9" - journalist Nadiradze recalles that the village visitors acted aggressively, first hit him by a microphone and later started his verbal and physical abuse. Nadiradze said another shooting crew of "Info 9" came to the house of Vanishvili, where family members have confirmed that Samson Vanishvili is a police officer.

Journalists found out that the father and son Otar Vanishvili and Samson Vanishvili were involved in the incident. They said that the father started to provoke and a policeman's son was more aggressive.

The recent weeks in Gori region do not pass without insulting journalists. According to the Young Lawyers Association, this year there are 8 cases of the journalistic activities interference. No case has yet been investigated.


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