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06.07.2012 12:22 Agency, Concerned into INFO 9 Activities, Impossible to be Found on Internet

Maia Tsiklauriის წარმომადგენლები

Journalist Mari Sologhashvili and cameraman Temur Shapatava having got concerned into the activities of the INFO 9 reporters on July 5 in Gardabani used to work for Kvemo Kartli TV until the end of June, said Kvemo Kartli TV Director Khatuna Mamardashvili reporting to

The video released by INFO 9 features Sologhashvili saying that she is preparing material for the agency. But the aforementioned agency is impossible to be found on net.

“Who is your customer? Who is funding you? Who is your producer? What are you? You are working on negative only, aren’t you? Show me any of your positive stories!” – the given questions were posed by Sologhashvili to the INFO 9 journalist Nino Basishvili. The journalist was also curious to know why Basishvili was not wearing a badge to prove she is a journalist. Since the badge was missing the journalist concluded she was preparing

some ordered stories.

Later Sologhashvili also asked: “Where was Ivanishvili during Shevardnadze’s presidency? Was life better during his term? Why aren’t you answering? Have you got no ability to analyze? Why aren’t you expressing your opinion? Because you are the journalist carrying out orders!” she ultimately concluded.

That is not the first case of keen interest shown towards the INFO 9 journalists. The agency representatives faced physical abuse too. For a week now several individuals, on behalf of Media Group news agency, have been haunting journalist Ekaterine Dugladze of INFO 9 Zestaponi bureau and keep posing questions about ties with the Georgian Dream coalition and Bidzina Ivanishvili.

Also, on July 4 the INFO 9 camera crew were physically abused in the village of Tsedisi, Gori region. journalist’s behavior was condemned by Kvemo Kartli news portal Allegedly they have got nothing in common with but a bit similar name.

“We suppose the similarity between domain names aims at discrediting,” reads the statement released by







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