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09.07.2012 10:11

“Real TV” is not informed about the obstructing the work of “TV Nine” Batumi Bureau journalist Natia Rokva

Maia Tsiklauri

"TV Nine" Batumi Bureau reporter Natia Rokva said that the "Real TV" journalist prevented her from her journalistic work. It happened on July 8, in Guria, theEntertainmentCenter"Tsitsinatela" the place where N. Rokva went to prepare the material.

The "Real TV" Information Office reported to Media.Ge that they have not seen the video and know nothing about this fact. Media.Ge had no chance to ask additional questions.

"I was informed that the Center Administration employees had been fired and the building was occupied by police and the governor. I tried to find out what happened in real. I had been arrived just for ten minutes, when I saw a girl with a "Real TV" microphone in her hand coming up to me and asking provocative questions"- said Natia Rokva to – in her interview. "Real TV" journalist insisted on answers to questions, whether or not I received money from B. Ivanishvili the leader of the opposition political coalition "Georgian Dream", whether or not I was in his party and Ivanishvili sent me to the Center for reporting.

According to Natia Rokva she came up a patrol policeman standing nearby telling him that the girl had been hampering her work and asked for help, but he did not react.

"I did not say a word to her, abandoned the place, got in the car. I thought she would not wait long for me and I would continue shots. I spent 20 minutes, though she had been waiting for me for 20 minutes. Then I came back and she followed me" - said Natia Rokva. This time "Real TV" journalist asked for a press card as a testimony. Their conversation was broadcasted by "TV 9" and spread in social networks as well.

Natia Rokva said that she knows nothing about and had never seen before the "Real TV" journalist, who was Anna Borchkhadze according to her press card. "She did not let me work, I could not found out where I was going to, and they followed me everywhere I went. I had been trying the whole 40 minutes to get rid of them, but in vain"- said Natia Rokva.

Last week's likewise questions were also asked on behalf of the "Media Group" and to the journalists of "TV 9" news agency “Info 9”.







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