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10.07.2012 18:16

INFO 9 Cameraman Gets Injured During Clashes in Akhaldaba Village

Maia Tsiklauri
ინფო 9-ის ოპერატორს თვალი დაუზიანეს (photo: )

Political situation in Gori region is getting increasingly tense. Some aggressive individuals are trying, through different ways, to disrupt the Georgian Dream coalition leaders’ meetings with the local population in the villages. Strangers are aggressive to journalists too. One of those individuals in the village of Akhaldaba first demanded the INFO 9 cameraman Tornike Tibilashvili to quit filming and afterwards fisted him into his face. In the same village a fight took place between the government and the opposition boosters too.

The INFO 9 cameraman has got his eye injured, his video camera is crashed. Tibilashvili has already undergone medical expertise and applied to the Public Defender for further response. The footage features the person having hit him but thus far journalists have failed to identify the assailant. According to Tibilashvili he was physically abused when filming the fight.

During the meeting with the Coalition leaders in the village of Variani the employees of the office of the local State representative and schoolteachers were most active and especially Iza Kokauri, the supporter of the ruling United National Movement. She was accusing the Coalition leaders of treason and accepting Russian funding. Among the pedagogues present at the meeting Saba Tsitsikashvili, Editor, online edition recognized former local election commission members frauding the voting. These very pedagogues were aggressive to the journalist and verbally abused the media representative.

The Coalition leaders continue village-to-village meetings which are to last until July 15. On Sunday the Georgian Dream’s rally is scheduled to be held in Gori. The situation in the villages in Gori region is getting tense day after day. The Coalition leaders point out the government supporters are trying to disrupt the meetings in every village.







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