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30.09.2012 14:01

Georgian Physicist Gia Dvali’s Protest

David Mchedlidze

Georgi (Gia) Dvali, Georgian professor of physics at New York University's Center for Cosmology and Particle Physics sent his letter to be published. In his letter the Georgian scientist says Georgia is anti-democratic state and also focuses on the problems related to freedom of speech.

Below please find an unofficial translation of the letter of protest:

 “Unfortunately today Georgia is an anti-democratic country characterized with all the features typical for this condition. Freedom of speech is extremely restricted, there is no free court and so on.

Any problem and flaw derives from this condition. One of the characteristics of this regime is the demonstration of problems in a controversial manner and it’s an absolute illusion that the authorities want democracy.

One of the examples is some hilarious talks about setting up Western type of university system which is an impossible thing in a non-democracy. At least for that simple reason that any non-democratic government is based on systematized lies and violence which is incompatible with free thinking.

The present brief letter aims at voicing protest against current situation. We strictly demand democracy in the country.

 “We” implies any person who shares the essence of this letter. Any governmental team or political force that deviates from the way of democracy will definitely lead the country to catastrophe.

Gia Dvali, New York, 29.09. 2012







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