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14.11.2012 17:16

Irma Inashvili Demands Frequency Back

Maia Tsiklauri
ირმა ინაშვილი (photo: )

Irma Inashvili, head of the Obiektivi Studio demands investigation to be launched into the seizure of the 35th decimetric frequency from its owners. She is going to lodge the case-related complaint tomorrow, November 15.

Speaking at the November 14 press conference Irma Inashvili said the 35th decimetric frequency belonged to the Obiektivi Studio. Inashvili alleges, she as a director of the Studio, was made, by former GNCC head, to recede from the frequency, through threats.

Later on, Inashvili clarified, the seized frequency was handed over to TV company Alania, renamed into Region TV. Ultimately, the TV company merged with PIK, the third channel of the Georgian Public Broadcasting (GPB).

“TV company PIK broadcasts through the frequency seized from us,” says Inashvili and points out that in 2007 the management was trying to get Obiektivi-owned frequency back through court, but the court dismissed their request.

“Under the circumstances of giving the seized media outlets back to previous owners, we hope our request will be met too,” says Inashvili.

It is noteworthy that on November 12, 2012 the GPB Board of Trustees issued a decision to stop PIK TV broadcasting from 2013. Addressing the Board members with a letter the GPB chief said as far as he is concerned additional funding for PIK is not allowed in the budget 2013.







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