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29.01.2013 21:26

Shalva Ramishvili to No Longer Work for Maestro TV

David Mchedlidze

Shalva Ramishvili has quit Maestro TV, the journalist himself in person reported in his authorship program Subjective Opinion.

“I am leaving this television being very benign to the management and colleagues. Just done with myself at this company I am playing with new prospective,” said Ramishvili thereby adding that he is likely to meet with the audience through another television.

“Somehow I think my ideas are going to be better realized in another television rather than here. The format of my program on another channel will be different from that on Maestro,” said Shalva Ramishvili reporting to Media.Ge.

Channel 9’s Director General Luba Eliashvili thinks Ramishvili is quite possible to start working for her channel.

“For long now we have had thousands of ideas and we do keep in touch. We have talked a lot over the programs. When INFO TV was being made Shalva and I were thinking of many things.  Our tandem failed that time, let’s see how it works now,” says Eliashvili.

FYI, Shalva Ramishvili’s Morning has been off Maestro TV air since New Year. According to the clarification provided by Maestro TV co-founder Mamuka Glonti the reason was the failure of the program to meet current situation in the country.

From spring Shalva Ramishvili was to host Night Show with Shalva Ramishvili.

According to Maestro TV Director General Ilia Kikabidze the TV company verbally negotiated with Shalva Ramishvili, no contract was abrogated. “No conflict or tension was in place,” said the TV chief.







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